Terms and conditions for the EUR - FRN transfer.

- All inquiries from non Verified accounts will be refunded.
- If you don't own a Verified Paypal account,
please send a proof of identity at FRNweb@openmail.cc
- All transfers are processed manually.
- For this reason the delay can vary between minutes and hours.
- Limit for a single user is 60€ per week.
- You buy at the current exchange rate.
- There is no intermediary fees or commission,
except for the Paypal commission (0,25cts + 3,4%).
According to this, 15€ will represent 14,24€ worth of FRN.

If we feel anything suspicious, the process may be cancelled.

Don't forget to indicate your FRN adress in one of the fields !

In order to maintain this service as long as possible,
we need to prevent fraud attempts.
Thank you for your understanding.
Have fun.

Attention ! The EUR - FRN transfer is yet deactivated.
The service is made to work from < 0.0002 BTC per FRN

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